Requests For iTunes-Style Magazine Store

Majority of magazine firms are now considering partnerships due to the present media situation. Every magazine publisher wished to withstand the dilemma and this is the main purpose why they are now uniting and cooperating with each other. Eventually a joint store ownership will open its way to public. Some of the publishers that will take part in the iTunes-Style Magazine Store are Hearst, Conde Nast and Time but details are not yet open to the public. Therefore, listed below are some of my requests for the soon-to-open iTunes-Style Magazine Store:

Enhanced iTunes Magazine

Magazines can be availed almost everywhere, whether you are in a department store or in road stalls so why not enhance digital magazines? Having an online market of magazines can be a subsidiary of the primary store. Online magazines can be a hit especially nowadays that people prefer effortless shopping through the Internet.

Evaluate Content

Production of digital magazine is quite distinct compared to printed ones. The presence of links of corresponding sites is a good option. Readers’ participation should also be encouraged by having comment forms. There should also be multimedia access for customers and advertisements should not stand in the way of reading.

Be Open to New Approach

Many people might detest having a new approach on magazine sales but open-mindedness should be considered. The full content of the magazines should not be restrained from printed versions alone because this might affect the effectiveness of digital sales.

Easy Archiving

Having achieves is a desirable aspect of online magazine shopping. Providing copies of past magazine prints to customers who availed them is a nice way of compilation. It is really delightful for a customer if he can get hold of his older subscriptions effortlessly.

Be Generous

Magazine publishers should not be greedy upon pricing. An appropriate price should be given for annual subscribers. It is also better if the price of the digital magazines is the as the printed ones. It is also nice if annual subscribers can be given discounts than single magazine buyers.

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