Will The Advent Of Chrome OS Make Windows 7 Netbooks More Powerful?

With Windows 7 the Netbooks can perform better, but Redmond will not allow this. This is because Microsoft may not be able to undo the low-cost portables as the Chrome OS is soon to be in the market.

The new Chrome OS may have been developed for the next-gen high performance Netbooks but they will not be running on the new Google Operating System. This is because the Google Chrome OS might force the Microsoft programs from crippling the Netbooks especially in the higher market segment.

This may also happen because the user experience with the netbooks run on the Windows XP has not been very encouraging the blame falls on the Microsoft for the less powerful Atom processors, 1GB memory, 10.1 inches screens and 160 GB hard discs.

The new Netbooks in the market boost of the Windows 7 Starter’s Edition. This will not join a domain or play a DVD. The Starter’s Edition does not allow the user to customize their desktop besides it lacks the Aero aura. The 1GB memory is still the crippling feature.

The Starter’s Edition has not won good reviews and most possible buyers do not want to load it on their new laptops and computers. The Starter Edition has just entered the market and the trends for this product are not very encouraging just like the Windows ME and Windows Vista, looks like these operating systems are not very appreciated.

The Netbook makers are helpless faced with the power of Microsoft and have to cripple the Netbooks they manufacture. This worked well as till date Microsoft was the only name in the market but with the Chrome OS soon to enter the market Microsoft may require another strategy.

Redmond wants to hold the Netbooks from being used for corporate deals. If Microsoft manages to force all of us to upgrade to the Windows 7 Home Premium for $80 or choose an expensive notebook then it is still make their day at Redmond.

According to the buzz we will be able to buy the ‘blazing fast’ Netbook running on the Google Chrome Operating System by the next Thanksgiving. The Chrome OS does not do everything the Windows & does but it has been compared with the Starter Edition and favourably so and is also believed to be adapted with the online media.

Money is the major and the only reason why it matters so much to the Users and Microsoft.

The manufacturers are not able to pay Microsoft as much for the Operating System from a sale of a $300 Netbook as compare to the $1000 Notebook. Due to the above mentioned factor Microsoft tries to limit the performance of the Netbook to force the customers to buy the more expensive, better performing notebooks.

The users seek cheap yet capable computers. The Netbooks are powerful and inexpensive, therefore sought-after, yet they are intentionally held back from performing their optimum.

– Microsoft will continue with the self imposed restriction by limiting the Netbook performance which will continue to sell Windows 7 netbooks and challenge the Chrome Operating System.

Best of the Windows 7 netbooks can yet be prepared by Microsoft before the release of the Google Chrome OS.  If Microsoft commits itself to improving the Netbook performance then the Google Chrome prospects too will come to realize that they are getting a complete operating system as compare to the fast system which is not able to run most applications.

Customers are in for a disappointment due to the limit imposed on the Netbook by the Microsoft. The Google Chrome can deliver a punishing blow if Microsoft does not change its policies, and they will be well deserved. Though, change is imminent.

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