Google Phone: Rumors And Issues

News about the release of branded handsets by Google has surfaced in the online community. It is corroborating with what Michael Arrington of TechCrunch affirmed last November. But the latest report was announced by Mark Wilson of Gizmodo. He claimed that the Google handset will run a more useful Android operating program.

According to the report, the said Google Phone will probably be released in a few weeks time and will be outpouring in the Mountain View grounds. Large LCDs was assumed together with Android’s new version. Although we are unsure of what software is being utilized by the handset, it’s absolutely not Chrome OS.

Gizmodo’s sources confirmed that they actually saw the Google Phone. The report lacks particular information about the product but it actually evolved upon the speculations TechCrunch announced last two weeks. Michael Arrington foresaw that the slim Google Phone created by Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer HTC will be out in the market in the first quarter of 2010.

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Google Chrome Operating System butchered by Microsoft

Here is the story of how Redmond neutralized the Net Appliance Operating System by Google before it hit the market.

Slim is the way to be. This was the message I am taking away from all the pomp and show of the media intensive demonstration if Chrome Operating System. It seemed successful as everyone came away singing praises of the lighter, smaller desktop model which would have its base in the web instead of the machine certified to be the terminator of the MS Windows. This covers Redmond too.

It is a surety that Microsoft is enjoying the display as a means of great entertainment. After sparing with the imaginary opponent in the Chrome Operating System announced by the developers even when it was in its developmental stages Microsoft now has a concrete target to mark. And mark it, they will, with rancour.

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Will The Advent Of Chrome OS Make Windows 7 Netbooks More Powerful?

With Windows 7 the Netbooks can perform better, but Redmond will not allow this. This is because Microsoft may not be able to undo the low-cost portables as the Chrome OS is soon to be in the market.

The new Chrome OS may have been developed for the next-gen high performance Netbooks but they will not be running on the new Google Operating System. This is because the Google Chrome OS might force the Microsoft programs from crippling the Netbooks especially in the higher market segment.

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Google Chrome OS: A Nice Place to Visit, But?

The world of technology is enhancing day by day. Operating System (OS), being one of the basic platforms for all other technologies, has always been a matter of status and technological advancement. Microsoft Windows, Linux, MAC, Ubuntu are some of them. Google, the technology giant is also releasing its OS next week, with the name Chrome OS, following the legacy name of its highly acclaimed Web Browser.

This can be a turning point in the industry, but the rumor’s say that it will be open to developers, the next week. Public will have to wait for longer. This has raised many questions as the due date of its release is the end of the year. In my opinion, Chrome OS will be more or less like the Linux that just makes a powerless computer system to run the Browser and establish connections with the applications and database. If that is so, then its not at all exciting. The Chrome OS may make a laptop a portable machine that holds all the functionalities. It can make the PC a puffed up workstation where the user has to depend upon the internet for almost every thing he wants to do.

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