Google Chrome OS: A Nice Place to Visit, But?

The world of technology is enhancing day by day. Operating System (OS), being one of the basic platforms for all other technologies, has always been a matter of status and technological advancement. Microsoft Windows, Linux, MAC, Ubuntu are some of them. Google, the technology giant is also releasing its OS next week, with the name Chrome OS, following the legacy name of its highly acclaimed Web Browser.

This can be a turning point in the industry, but the rumor’s say that it will be open to developers, the next week. Public will have to wait for longer. This has raised many questions as the due date of its release is the end of the year. In my opinion, Chrome OS will be more or less like the Linux that just makes a powerless computer system to run the Browser and establish connections with the applications and database. If that is so, then its not at all exciting. The Chrome OS may make a laptop a portable machine that holds all the functionalities. It can make the PC a puffed up workstation where the user has to depend upon the internet for almost every thing he wants to do.

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Is Another Operating System What the Technological World Needs Today?

Google Chrome OS – Faced with the release of a brand new operating system, the world looks forward to a different kind of change.

Google’s release of the Chrome web browser made many users believe that it was part of a much larger operating system in the making. With the recent reports that the Chrome operating system was actually being developed by Google, (and which may officially come out in the latter part of 2010) many are looking forward to it with mixed feelings. New concerns are coming out about how this new Chrome OS will differ from Google’s mobile open-source operating system, or if they will even differ at all.

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