Google Finally Unveils Controversial Nexus One

Rumors of a Google phone in the offing initially emerged three years ago. After so much speculation as to the veracity of such tittle-tattle, the search giant has finally confirmed its existence and has unveiled Nexus One, Google’s very own mobile phone brand and design.

At the outset, it will only be available on T-Mobile’s network or unlocked in the U.S.; but Google said the mobile phone will soon be accessible from Verizon and Europe’s Vodafone, as well.

Consumers who are ready may now purchase the phone at, a recently set up Google Web page dedicated for this purpose. The package includes the phone cost of US$179 with a T-Mobile connection or unlocked at the price of US$530. Options for Verizon and Vodafone will most likely be available sometime in the first quarter, with expansion plans to include other carriers and international markets in the near future.

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Google Phone: Rumors And Issues

News about the release of branded handsets by Google has surfaced in the online community. It is corroborating with what Michael Arrington of TechCrunch affirmed last November. But the latest report was announced by Mark Wilson of Gizmodo. He claimed that the Google handset will run a more useful Android operating program.

According to the report, the said Google Phone will probably be released in a few weeks time and will be outpouring in the Mountain View grounds. Large LCDs was assumed together with Android’s new version. Although we are unsure of what software is being utilized by the handset, it’s absolutely not Chrome OS.

Gizmodo’s sources confirmed that they actually saw the Google Phone. The report lacks particular information about the product but it actually evolved upon the speculations TechCrunch announced last two weeks. Michael Arrington foresaw that the slim Google Phone created by Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer HTC will be out in the market in the first quarter of 2010.

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Google Now Concentrating on Mobile Phone

Google desires worldwide web to be compact so as to search it with the help of a mobile phone.

After making global search a reality, Google is now concentrating on local solutions. It was Google Earth, making its way to world wide computers some years ago which got the people to sit and think global. All of a sudden discovery of the world was possible on a laptop. It became very easy to look for Soho’s Berwick Street or New York’s Times Square even though you were nowhere near those places and that too with a drag, click and quick spin of the globe.

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