Google Finally Unveils Controversial Nexus One

Rumors of a Google phone in the offing initially emerged three years ago. After so much speculation as to the veracity of such tittle-tattle, the search giant has finally confirmed its existence and has unveiled Nexus One, Google’s very own mobile phone brand and design.

At the outset, it will only be available on T-Mobile’s network or unlocked in the U.S.; but Google said the mobile phone will soon be accessible from Verizon and Europe’s Vodafone, as well.

Consumers who are ready may now purchase the phone at, a recently set up Google Web page dedicated for this purpose. The package includes the phone cost of US$179 with a T-Mobile connection or unlocked at the price of US$530. Options for Verizon and Vodafone will most likely be available sometime in the first quarter, with expansion plans to include other carriers and international markets in the near future.

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