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Google desires worldwide web to be compact so as to search it with the help of a mobile phone.

After making global search a reality, Google is now concentrating on local solutions. It was Google Earth, making its way to world wide computers some years ago which got the people to sit and think global. All of a sudden discovery of the world was possible on a laptop. It became very easy to look for Soho’s Berwick Street or New York’s Times Square even though you were nowhere near those places and that too with a drag, click and quick spin of the globe.

Now Google, the gigantic software and web Search Company that is 10 years old has an intention to bring things even more near to perfection. Google has even though developed new internet browser called Chrome for computer users but also wants World Wide Web to be compact such that it can be searched with the help of a mobile phone.

Any internet search engine may be able to assist someone in reading news from Angola in Portuguese but if it is not capable of finding a pizza shop that has been opened in Summer Hill or a new ATM location in Prahran then its usefulness is not as effective as one needs it to be.

According to California based search analyst of Google Adam Lasnik – in coming next few years local search will be one of the big things in the area of search. He has observed that in last two years that he had been around with Google, when people search for type of food, name of a shop or any destination, they are provided with the required information.

It is not only Google that is trying to do this, in Australia something similar has been tried by Telstra through its Sensis business with the aid of resources like White Pages directory, Yellow Page directory and classified business of Trading Post. News Limited of Rupert Murdoch is converting local papers’ classifieds and network into search portal and directory called True Local.

According to David Holmes, the chief executive of iProspect an internet agency, the kind of information that is being made available accurately and quickly through search engines is going to make the job of Google even more difficult in the days to come. Even though Google has been doing a good job but the volume of the search business is to work against them. As Google is a general search portal, there is bound to be real competition from players that will have a much smaller area of search but in more specified portion of the web.

This is known to Google also so the company has now started concentrating on the local information that can be had as a personalized data and in turn is more valuable to a person reaching for it. The stress on localized search is in the ambition plan of Google with the focus on mobile phone space rather than in conventional web environment in computers. This is all the more important as mobile phone being personal and portable (very easy to carry from one place to another) will be an ideal tool to search for location specific items.

Lasnik states that the efforts of Google in the field of mobile will be huge as it will be not be a simple opportunity for searchers but will be a core part for the future of search.

In making their mission a reality for localized search on mobile phones, Google has put a step forward by developing its own software to be operated on mobile phones which is known as Android. Most of the mobile phones have a tool which shows the location of mobile phone, this feature is going to be handy in using a tool to find about the things that are nearby. Advanced phones are having accurate and reliable GPS satellite positioning system in built in the mobile instrument. Even less advanced mobile phone models are able to determine the position of the user or instrument with the help of information given by the mobile operator network itself.

Lasnik states that mobile phones with the people are in a position to give their exact location and hence this information can be given very easily to different applications to be used as and when required.

The information of location of the user when given to search engine application will help to bring out search results that are relevant to where the user is standing at that particular time. Whatever local players have in stored for the local search people can’t distinguish between internet search and Google, hence in whatever way Google tackles this localized search issue with mobile there is going to be a big influence on services that ar to be developed for localized web in the days to come.

Google has got technological attention on second guessing that is – what people intend to search when they type few words of the query in the window that are different from the words that appear in minimalist window.

According to Lasnik second guessing is going to be even more important in the world of mobile as people type shorter queries when using mobile phones. This makes even more significant the need to know what is actually being searched for. For example if word café is typed in the search window, it should not mean definition of café or history of cafes rather it should mean the available cafes in that place.

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