Google Chrome- The Most Anticipated Web Browser For Mac Os And Linux Finally Arrived

Finally, one of the most anticipated news in the online world was announced. Google publicized the good news about the launch of the beta version of its web browser Chrome for Linux and Mac OS X.

To avail the Mac version of the web browser, users are no more required to visit Chrome’s web site from their Windows system. Google Chrome’s web site allows easy access by including a program to auto detect any operating system currently installed in your computer and automatically shows available options for your platform.

It has been over a year now since Chrome browser became available for Windows so the version for Mac and Linux was long been awaited by many users.

Pioneers of the Chrome browser were obliged to deliver genuine Mac OS X program and not a copied version of Windows Chrome. Mike Pinkerton and John Grabowski, Google’s software engineers shared in their blog journal that Chrome’s developers for Mac centered their attention on providing the browser with the greatest developments possible, rather than delivering features that were already seen and expected by people.

But is it really coincidental that Windows Chrome extensions were released this week together with Chrome’s beta version for Mac? One of the features that were removed from Mac OS X Chrome browser was the extension function. The developers applied this decision so that the software will overcome any associated obstacles to allow availability of the program before 2009 ends.

Aside from extension function, there were also a few features missing in Mac OS X Chrome. These include bookmark manager, 64-bit compatibility, bookmark sync, multitouch support and Google Gears which will eventually be replaced by HTML5.

Nevertheless, users of Linux and Mac OS X still have a few developments to expect on their Chrome browser. The web browser was enhanced to perform fast, meaning that users are able to load a page, start-up a program or search faster than ever. Another focal point of Chrome developers was to ensure safety for beta testers.

Event though Linux and Mac OS X only comprised ten percent of the operating system market, the expansion of Chrome browser for different platforms will absolutely help Google in capturing more users. The availability of Chrome browser will definitely suffice the emancipated Chrome OS.

It is reasonably fair to understand Google during this period because Chrome is still in its beta version. Of course, some concerns and ramifications will eventually upspring but all of us should wait for more improvements upon the official release of Chrome browser for Linux and Mac OS X. For now, all we can do is to be happy with the beta version and hope that eventually all will be in fine tune.

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  • We’ve been awaiting Chrome’s addons for quite a while – In a day I’ve installed and used 6 plugins and have been impressed with the extensions. Mozilla Firefox has recently been buggy and the extensions are a time saver.

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