COMODO System Cleaner

Comodo system cleaner as his name suggests is helpful program for detailed cleaning your OS.  It includes standard tools for registry and HDD cleaning. All operations are realized by guide. Comodo has well arranged structure; user can see what parts are going to be controlled and cleaned.

COMODO System Cleaner

Even though that OS has its own points of restore, there is a possibility to create backups right in Comodo System Cleaner interface.

In case of need there are tools they help you look for duplicated files or for example program can display what programs are running while computer starts.

Users they are interested in security will certainly appreciate free space cleanups, so once you have deleted some files restoring them will not be possible. Useful in case you want to lend your flash USB media or hard drive.  Besides of that, program automatically looks for applications, containing some personal information and enable deleting them.  (for example Skype, Windows Media Player of programs of Microsoft Office)

Download COMODO System Cleaner (32bit) here! | Download COMODO System Cleaner (64bit) here!

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