Norton 360™ v4 beta

The most comprehensive bundle for home users named Norton 360 gets into the 4th level. We use beta version yet, which discloses the way the program is heading and we can now see the implementation of new facilities.

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Get 10% off on PerfectDisk10

If slow PC performance is slowing you down, don’t waste money on a new computer. Speed things up and get things done with PerfectDisk. PerfectDisk’s patented defragmentation and free space consolidation technologies keep your computer running like new so you can work faster — and save money.

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Registry Cleaner – What Is It And How Does It Work?

How many avid computer users know that Windows come with a registry? Even among those who know about its existence, how many know what its uses are and the benefit of cleaning the registry?

Registry is the main database of the computer, where all kinds of information about it are stored. This includes all details about the hardware and both the softwares installed on the computer – to run the system and to run the other hardware. Any activity that takes place in the system is recorded in the registry for later use. The registry records include the details of the specific users, log in and log out time, the web sites visited and the files downloaded from the web.

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