Comparison between Vista by Microsoft and Tiger by Mac

Every time there is new software in the market, the comparisons are bound to come. The users talk about their experiences and the predictors talk about the probable feasibility of the new product as compared to the older one. Even though Vista got launched in 2006 and now there are other versions by windows in the market, still people are not over with the comparison for it. And when the whole topic takes a turn to windows Vs Mac, then there is no stopping.

Therefore here are a few comparisons between the windows Vista and Tiger by Mac. When Microsoft had announced about Vista it had talked majorly of its functionality for the integrated desktop search facility. There are many personal views in terms of the comfort level and other features of the two Operating systems, however here are a few general points that might get approval from both the sides.

Vista had come with a complete new outlook and aesthetics to it. They had made the package very exciting and had yet maintained the functionality of the product.

However, it is said that the look and feel that Vista is trying to sell now had been what the Tiger since the last four years. To be more precise in this case, the translucent icons, the animation effects that are used and the high resolution that is provided with, are if not taken are inspired from the Tiger.

Another area where the windows have not quite got fixed in the Vista is the problems of the windows that are open under one another. This problem was well tuned in the Tiger by Mac where the bleeding of the underlying windows was managed to a good extent.

However Vista has its own set of good points. The ability to organize data on its own and the facility of the inbuilt intelligence is not seen in Mac. It is having the same old fashioned way of working and has no attention paid to the involvement of intelligence in the operating system itself. However, this feature in Vista makes it more new age and manageable. Also Vista helps its users have visual images of the data files so that the locating process gets easier. Tiger has no such facility in fact the visual p[review is turned off as a default function.

Apart from these functions the other concern is the security of the two operating systems. On e thing that makes Vista more susceptible to attacks by hackers is the fact that windows are widely used. However, Mac has a mal user base and hence lesser threats. The feature of logging in an out of Tiger is quite sophisticated. This is where windows very openly admits that it tried to match the standards in this case and has tried to take Tiger further with the help of Vista.

Then Vista is also incorporated with the facility for parents to monitor the content watched by their kids. There are blocks which can be used for this purpose.

There are inbuilt methods to prevent Vista from getting affected by the malwares and spywares and adware. However Tiger does not seem to need any of this as it is quite secure in its way. It is hardly breached to be troubled about these things.

Since Vista came after Tiger there are a lot of things that it took from it and has taken on further and improved it. And still there is one thing that makes it very different from each other is the fact that windows has been developed for wider usage, in this case there are a few things that are affected, like security.

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