Mozilla Firefox Updates

The latest updates of Mozilla foundation are currently available to the public. This is according to the changes done to some of the products of Mozilla. Some of the software that where changed include thunderbird that was change to version 3.1.8. It also updated Firefox 3.5 and Firefox 3.6. All updates concentrated on security and stability. These changes where made top ensure service to customers. The improvement of these services will enable safer and more stable services too its users. The change made to Firefox 3.6 commonly used for browsing was to ensure that this browsing site is more stable. Some of the applets could not load on the site factor that led the Mozilla team to scramble the site.

The browsing software highly contributed to the reshuffle since many people are currently using internet. This change was made to enable java applets to be uploaded on the site. Many people who rely on this site for browsing are being notified about the changes. Incase the changes are not evident in your system it is advisable to seek help. You can also download the new Firefox currently known as Firefox 3.6.14 for you to be able to enjoy the services. You can freely download it in more than seventy languages from windows Mac and Linux.

Be fast and efficient to get these services for you to enjoy unlimited access tot he internet. The team is encouraging those who did not get the updates to do so. Quick response will enable you to be able to know the ten security advisories that have come up in the system. A lot of emphasis is on the eight rules since they have been rated critical. These critical rating has given priority to things that are vulnerable. They will protect your machine from being installed with attacker codes. These codes limit your internet interaction since you cannot go beyond the set limit.

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