RealDownloader – The Streaming Video Download Solution

RealNetwork’s online video downloader is the RealDownloader that provides various functions to download videos from the internet.

The software from RealNetwork has lost their popularity throughout the world and there is nearly no one who is using their products. Amongst all the things that RealNetwork made the RealDownloader is note-worthy. Users can use it to download videos from the internet. The tool works as a browser add-on. After installation, the add-on works like all other add-ons along with an internet browser. When users open a page that contains a streamed video, the downloader promotes for download automatically by showing a message near the video. Once users click the link on the message, the download will begin. After the download begins, users can normally view the download progress by opening the window for the RealDownloader. Users can also pause download progression if required.



The downloader has an in-built manager that keeps track of all downloads users make. Provides details of downloads from the time to the size of the download. The manager also shows the URLs of downloads so that users can track where the previous downloads came from. User’s may have to change the download folder because downloads go directly to a folder associated to RealDownloader.

The program is also a sharing tool, which allows sharing all the videos you have downloaded to the sites like Facebook, Twitter, Bebo and Myspace. After authorization to the network users want to post to, the software will post the video automatically. It also can send videos through emails. This enables sharing videos with individuals on the internet.

Then there are tools like adding videos to Itune playlist and some others that allow converting video files for your devices like mobiles and I phones. It can detect most online video file formats. The program is compatible with most internet browsers.

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