The Beta Of EASEUS Todo Backup 3.0 Is Now Available

EASEUS Todo Backup 3.0The beta version of the EASEUS version 3.0 is now available for download; the tool is for creating backup data and managing them. The EASEUS Todo Backup 3.0 is now a downloadable beta that has all the features of a regular backup tool. It supports both the function of file-based backup and partition-wise backup.

The Todo Backup has several features including those for supporting SQL and MS Exchange. The software finally added the option for automatic shutdown when the back finishes and once the backup completes, there is also a new function for differential backup. Amongst the other features included in the software is a support for dynamic disks. Downgrading dynamic disks with the support of a removable storage is now easier with ToDo Backup 3.0. The software can backup multiple volumes of disks together. The compatibility for SSD drives is now more reliable. 

EASEUS Todo Backup 3.0The use of Backup utility is to create files that are backups of an original copy. The concept of creating backup data took a leap in the recent times as the need for using backup files to restore data increased. Backup files store the Data of normal files and store them so that they can be later unpacked, thus most of backing-up is actually archiving. Another use of Backing up is for changing the computers, with more developed hardware releases many users tend to change their computers. Thus taking a backup archive to a new computer is very useful.

The software is now also available for Linux, which has a more developed bootability functions, it contains a boot record of its own. This allows using the software without the OS itself, whilst booting.

The software works well with most windows releases and this is a Beta only which is for testing, there is no assurance for stability, this is also a free download. There is a paid-version with more functions and features.

Dowload EASEUS Todo Backup

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