The Android Version Of RealPlayer

RealPlayer 11The latest version of RealPlayer for android contains many advantages over its previous version and the features that every user wished.

Android is the OS for phones from the renowned developers, Apple. Apple’s android is now the best operating systems for mobiles. The RealNetwork released this version of the RealPlayer to improve over the older version by the suggestions of the users. There are many different additions on the application for improving the management of music, video and picture files.

RealPlayer 11

RealPlayer 11

The most exclusive features include the sharing of videos and photos on the internet.Users can use share photos on sites like Facebook, Flickr and other sites where users can share. Another improvement that most beta-testers wanted to include is the sharing of videos on YouTube. Many users have selected RealPlayer for this new feature only.

There is now support for full-screen for most phones using the android operating system. The video resolution for Tabs and Honeycombs is now available withal the other improvements. Another small trick that the developers included is the auto-pause, the phone auto pauses when users take out the headphone lines.

This version now can be a part of the external memory of a phone. Removing the external memory and inserting it again will not change any data in the application. Another major improvement is the voice-based search through the phone. This is compatible in most android phones and searches through Googles’s search engine.

The program detects most of the files for media management. The new player supports most of the media formats used for encoding files. There is also a widget for controlling the player. Even if users lock their phones, the widget stays on. Then there are additional playlist creation tools and other things such as that.

The RealPlayer is now a standalone solution for all android smart phones. The RealPlayer for Android is downloadable.

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