WindowMenuPlus 1.1 – Easy Way To Manage Multiple Windows

WindowsMenuPlus is a program developed for easing the way widows, in the Windows operating systems, operate and making transparency features available for older versions of windows.

The program contains its own set of features that are each different and serve different purposes. The features are quite attractive and many people will prefer installing the program on their windows operating system for the small, yet useful features it provides. The features make the handling of older versions of windows more flexible. 

Windows Menu Plus 1.1

WindowMenuPlus 1.1

The developers of the WindowMenuPlus intended to make the use of the software for multi-tasking on several windows at the same time. This would need a very fast computer. Running two windows will consume twice the amount of clock speed and RAM. However, users who have faster computers will have the ease of using it. In addition, if you are running a slow computer you can have 2 to 3 windows running without much problem if other processes are not running. For faster computers, it is possible to open around 4 to 6 windows at the same time. The windows will get smaller with the increasing number to fit onto the user’s screen.

Other features that the software provides include the enabling of window transparency. With this software, users can make windows transparent and again visible by putting the mouse cursor back on the window. Along with that, the software window becomes a tray icon in the windows taskbar when minimized. Amongst unique modules is a feature to detect all running processes and them. This feature is a part of tweaking, therefore, the software can be from the tweak-application category. The software detects all processes including Malware processes, thus it can come handy to end Malware processes too.

The software is available for all Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 7, includes the later version of Windows Server too.

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