Ad Aware 10 Is Now Available For PC Protection

Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+Everyone wants to protect their systems from malware viruses. The best way to do this is installing the right antivirus. The release of the final version of Ad Aware 10 therefore comes with a wind of change.

This is the final version of the antivirus which is an antivirus package. It is available in 3 versions. The first is the Ad Aware Free Antivirus +, the second is the Ad Aware Personal Security and the final version is the Ad Aware Pro Security. The second and third versions are much cheaper compared to the other versions. This package has many features. Many of the features are however found in the commercial versions and not the free version. But the free version is still as good. It has a real time process protection that will detect and block malware way before it can affect your system. It also has the registry protection which looks out for the potential malware threats. The registry and real time protection also block connections and blacklists the IP addresses.

The free version has an advanced root kit protection and a game mode that makes the program to maintain all its activities without giving you the extra alerts. It also has some browsing protection that protects your browser and cleans everything that you go through while surfing. The package also has an optional toolbar for the browser that shows URLs and other links to warn you about malicious sites. The disadvantage with this is that it only works with Internet Explorer and Firefox. The interface has also been improved. It has some up front features and better tweaks. Theses tweaks help improve your system. It also has a much faster boot system and better scheduling and scanning management.

Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+

Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+

The Ad Aware 10 was released by Lavasoft. The commercial versions have more features than the free version, as expected. They also have the advantage of a two way firewall and an automatic scanning of the flash drives. It is a very good and well modified package as compared to the previous versions.

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