Advantages Of The New Ibook 2, Ibook Author And I Tunes U To Learning


The education sector has now seen some technological improvements. But nothing tops the new iBooks 2, iBooks Author and iTunes U.

The mentioned applications are very useful for education purposes. This means that they are used to generate knowledge. Education is very important but is becoming harder to attain. These applications make learning much easier and interesting.  They can be used for various purposes. These include creating and distributing the learning materials that are contained in the Apple product environment.

The iBooks 2 comes as a free application that is good for reading purposes. It can also support 3D object, videos, photos and full screen books. On the part of the iBooks Author, it is a bit different from the iBooks 2. This application is used for publishing. It has elements for design layouts. It also allows publishers to add their own creations to the articles. The third application of concern is the iTunes U. this application is very useful to teachers and lecturers. It can compile files and circulate the important course materials like revision questions via i Tunes. This means that it is now possible to acquire all the papers of all the courses supported by these applications. Academic notes are also easily downloaded and the days of writing down note with a pen and paper are over.

Apple is the main manufacturer of the iBook 2, iBook Authors and the iTunes U. The applications are now being used by some of the biggest education institutions in the world. These include Harvard University, Stanford University and Cambridge University to mention just but a few. The applications have proved to be efficient and have quickly been adopted in both the education and technology world. It can however not be used in all school systems. It is applicable in the K -12 level schools.


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