Stardock’s Tiles-The Latest Application For Power Users To Be Released

Stardock Tiles

If you are in the habit of running multiple applications at the same time, good news is in store for you. Stardock’s tiles are the latest release available to ease your work. If you have the Stardock software already installed then all you need to do is learn how to the most of it. If not then the first thing you should definitely do is download the software and install it.

It’s fairly simple to get started. You just open an internet explorer window and while holding down the shift button, drag the windows title bar and drop it on the Stardock’s sidebar.

What appears on the side bar is active tile. It can be considered to be a live thumbnail in the sense that it displays the content on the browser window in miniature form. It’s like having a tiny browser window open on the side bar. The content on the live thumbnail updates itself every time you move to a different page. New tabs on the main window are represented by live thumbnails that appear below the main tile every time one is opened.

Program shortcuts can also be dragged and dropped onto the sidebar. Thus the sidebar can be used to launch applications by clicking on the shortcut tiles. This saves you the trouble of having to open the program list every time you want to open an application that not on the start menu. The Stardock sidebar tiles can be re-arranged and organized as you want them and can thus help to improve productivity by allowing fast switching from one application to another. If the screen size is a concern the sidebar’s width can be minimized or you can opt to have the sidebar hidden when not in use. You should definitely try out the Stardock tiles. It can really enhance your browsing experience.

Download Stardock’s Tiles

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