Kurupira Web Filter Is Launched

Kurupira Web Filter

A new tool has been launched to make the setting of parental control to be easy. Kurupira Web Filter is an easy to use program that does not involve a lot of work.

It is now easy to create an account for all your children. This can be done and then you proceed to define which are the contents that can be accessed and the ones they should not. The program is reliable because it is able to block blacklisted websites automatically. This is done the moment you install the program and there is no need for any additional actions. Yet at the core of it, there is no need for lists of the type of content or the setting up of filtering options for the web. Even though there has been criticism regarding the flexibility, the program is still reliable. Entering the password of your program will make it easy and possible to turn off your account temporarily. If a particular web filter does not please you or you are simply not contented with it, it is easy to try a different setting. The program also makes it easy to block only the sites that you have blacklisted. At the same time, you can also let people aces only sites that you have permitted access.

The program offers more than web filtering. If the user browses its menus, there are more options that will allow you to limit your child’s use of the internet. The applications menu is easy to run and use. It has all the tools you need to decide the programs that that your kids can access. The Kurupira has a report tool that will be very helpful in keeping an eye on the activities in the internet. You do not have to be there all the time. You can use the History tab to know the programs that your kids are using. Apart from the internet searches, one can be able to know the websites that have been visited. If you find an program that has been abused, the best action is to block it so that it can never been accessed again.

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