What’s New inTuneUp Utilities™ 2013

Enjoy a radical increase in performance, extra energy efficiency, and the convenient 1-Click Maintenance feature. Free your PC from loads of gigabytes of system clutter, hundreds of history lists, and useless browser traces!

Step-by-step to a squeaky clean PC

1- Launch TuneUp Utilities™ 2013 and click on the “Clean Up Computer” tab. Your hard disk will now be checked for system-clogging clutter, browser traces, history lists and a number of other features.


2 – Click on “Open” in each category (such as “Clean up Windows® and programs”). You should now see a clearly organized list of the system clutter on your PC. Click on “Elements” to be shown a detailed breakdown of the data to be deleted. Tick all the items you wish to delete and then click on “Clean” to securely remove them.

3 – Professionals should remember to click on “Display all categories”. This will help them find more system-clogging clutter such as the Prefetch folder or Windows Update backups. Placing a check here will result in a full clean-up.

More powerful than ever – TuneUp Utilities™ 2013 vs. 2012!

Faster optimization: When it comes to performance, TuneUp Utilities™ 2013 significantly ups the game once again. In the previous version, you had to manually to switch the most resource-hungry programs to “Standby” in TuneUp Program Deactivator™ to reduce their use of resources. In TuneUp Utilities™ 2013, Live Optimization and Program Deactivator have been combined, meaning that particularly resource-intensive applications are automatically detected and the user can opt to “Disable” them.

Better cleaning: The cleaning feature in the previous version allowed you to clean a handful of Windows features and programs. The completely revised TuneUp Disk Cleaner 2013 and TuneUp Browser Cleaner 2013 features, plus the latest version of TuneUp Shortcut Cleaner, scan a total of 150 programs, 28 Windows features, and 25 browsers looking for data you no longer need. A direct comparison clearly shows how much more effective the new version is. Extracts from our internal laboratory tests* demonstrate this efficiency:








Smashes the competition!

Compared to the current most popular cleaning product on the market, TuneUp Utilities™ 2013 comes out way on top. Thanks to the use of more thorough cleaning definitions our product leaves the competition in the dust, as proven by internal tests*.



Download TuneUp Utilities 2013!

Thanks to innovative power tools and intensive improvements, the latest version of TuneUp Utilities™ 2013 returns your PC to its “like new” state! But it doesn’t stop there, because TuneUp Utilities™ 2013 is compatible with the brand new Windows® 8 operating system, that way you can relax knowing that your PC will stay in top shape, whatever the future brings. Our special customer offer of just $29.95, marked down from the regular retail price of $39.95 is only available to our newsletter subscribers. Act fast because this incredible price is good for a short time only. TuneUp Utilities™ 2013 – because your PC’s worth it!

Download TuneUp Utilities 2013!

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