Get The SpiderOak Desktop Client For Cloud Stocking!!!


Cloud storage provider SpiderOak has released its desktop client SpiderOak 5.0.1. The client is suitable for all the OSs including Linux, Mac and the Windows. The new version is better designed having a centralized folder for quick synchronization. This is SpiderOak Hive.

The SpiderOak 5.0.1 easily connects with the Windows Explorer. It can work with the ShareRooms and remain connected with the remote operator of the publisher’s technical team. With the remote connection abilities technical teams can quickly fix any issue that keeps annoying the user. Many users saying its Hive feature is nothing superior or extraordinary when Google Drive, SkyDrive or Dropbox is in the conversation criticize the new release. However the truth is, the SpiderOak Hive has rather brought uniformity to the cloud synchronization desktop clients by putting the folder in the center for all syncing. You can easily copy, retrieve all your files from that single folder called SpiderOak Hive. If having a centralized file is an issue with you, SpiderOak is still open to you for specifying multiple folders for syncing. No worry.

With right click store the files, create back up, share and store online in the SpiderOak 5.0.1. Set password for the ShareRoom feature, add layer of security and extra layer of security. Even you can tweak the ShareRoom function easily. If any problem arises, take remote diagnostic help. The remote technical team will put things in action by viewing your usage meta data that combines encryption information, passwords and back data. We suggest you keep the Remote Diagnostic option permitted with full access, this helps.

The free to download cloud storage desktop client, SpiderOak 5.0.1 is having things better than others while it still has scopes for improvement. It can give you peace of mind with time. For now the desktop client, SpiderOak 5.0.1, is much organized – synchronized.

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