Synei Utilities To Help Your PC Run Smoothly

Synei Utilities

Though there are many performance enhancing software packages around, all of them do almost the same. As such, the news of Synei introducing some similar free tools may not be that exciting to you. However, they offer good functionality.

For instance, when you launch Synei Service Manager it will recommend which services need improvement or to be restored to default settings.

The story is the same for Synei’s Startup Manager as well. It will list the startup programs of yours and will compare those with16,000 items in a database to highlight anything that is unnecessary to be looked after.

Disk Cleaner could do a better scan than CCleaner. Its Deep Cleaner is an extra tool that searches for remnants of files by extension.

Synei System Utilities provide all these tools from one interface. Also, it adds some extras (a backup module, a Windows tweaker, as well as graphical front ends for defrag of Windows and chkdsk). It is not that special but offers a scheduler that helps you to run its tools unattended.

Synei’s tools are not perfect. Their service suggestions aren’t good always. This means when you run their utilities you need to be careful in agreeing for any changes.

Service Manager as well as Startup Manager are helpful tools in case you need advice. Their Disk Cleaner is worth special mention. Most of all, programs of Synei are easy to use. They are small, portable, free of adware. Also, they run well on any program starting Windows XP and ending up with Windows 8.

We still exercise caution when using these programs. They could have bugs as they are new. You must not run them if you are not ready with backup for your full system.

However, if what you need is simple and small tools for maintenance, collection of programs by Synei shows promise. Also, it is interesting to know where the company is heading next.

Download Synei System Utilities

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