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The biggest feature of the Greenshot is that it helps in adding a good screenshot callouts and better resizing. Sometime, during the period of Christmas (i.e. if you had been in the Christmas spirit and never ceased to check out the software news), this innovative screenshot tool got updated to the latest version, with huge amount of additions and improvisations. This program can easily support and make selection with regard to the capture region using the keyboard.

It is so simple and all you have to use is the cursor key in order to make the movement of the cursor. You can do this by pressing the CTRL key and then clicking ENTER. This would then define the start as well as the end point. So, what happens is that when the capture is complete, then you would see the destination of the Microsoft OneNote, even though some may feel that it is not yet clear on how much effective it is.

Of course, the official note does imply that the given features have been enabled, and you can simply test for it. For editors who concentrate on the core aspects of editing, there is a special tool called ‘Speech Bubble’. It would only have a single style and it can easily set the border size and color and this is what makes the tool interesting to use.

In addition, there is a new auto incrementing counter making this tool quite easy to highlight the various elements and capture the essence of the tool. So, all you have to do is select the given tool, click on the particular labels and image which would appear numbered. All you have to do is create as much as you can and then simply drag or drop them into the required position.

Plus, you can also view the Editor toolbar which has the specific feature called as Resize option. This is a normal interface which would allow one to enter the given destination size and even the basic number of pixels or the given percentage of the original contents. Of courser, there are various other tools available in the market but the Greenshot is quite easy to use.

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