TailExpert – log monitor in Windows that is versatile


Windows Even logs is considered to be one of troubleshooting resource that is packed with low level system details that are essential. But many people avoid the bulky Windows Event Viewer that is underpowered as all the data is not as easily accessible as it looks.

TailExpert is considered to be a free to use alternative for personal use. It is  a powerful tool that is used for viewing, monitoring and analyzing Event in Windows and for text logs that are plain. The interface that is tabbed allows us to open various files at once. Each file is viewed in a full window program and you can choose the both logs side by side.

You do have complete control on the details of TailExpert.  You need to open the log for event and you could get information such as type of event, source, date, time, message, computer and much more. You can reorder the columns, delete them entirely,  change the order of sort and also organize the log to make it more readable.

One of the problem with Event Logs is total volume of data they contain, but TailExpert do provide several tools that is used to help including searching text with usual support for expression and a bookmark system. It may sound a lot of hard work involved but you can try the feature known as notify. You need to set TailExpert that is used to monitor the log in a given text, then leave it run on the background. You can then have the program run the sound, run command and even send email when something interesting happens.

Tools that are advanced include comparison of log options and the ability to analyze logs through scripts known as  lua. There are various options available for configuration that help to set TailExpert as exactly the way you like.

The site for developer’s are not so impressive. There is total lack of information that supports the program. Having a small background research could give details about the real company and the concerned person who is behind the site. It may not look malicious but it is definitely an odd factor.

Even though TailExpert  is still at the Version 1.0. So the creators do decide to complete the program before the website is done. In whichever way,  it is a great action packed analyzer of log and a great troubleshooting tool. So go ahead and take a look.

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