LAV Filters 0.67.0 – A Complete Audio and Video Package For Decoding

LAV Filters

The LAV Filters is quite similar to the DirectShow media splitter. It is a powerful video and audio decoder which is simply designed for allowing playback and providing a wide variety of formats in terms of multimedia. The basic aim of this tool is to give the user a comprehensive package which consist of audio decoder, multi-format media splitter, and the best video decoding tool. Since it has been intuitively named as LAV Audio, LAV Splitter, and LAV Video, these components would work in harmony for allowing the playback of any kind of file format similar to the DirectShow compliant player.

This is based on the Ffmpeg multimedia package and the integrated libraries which consists of audio/video codec library, libavcodec, libavformat, ensures that this utility aims in giving the simple and best means of overcoming any type of compatible issue. The major aim of the LAV Filters is to give a tool which is dedicated for demixing the various kinds of media files and that too into the elementary streams.

This allows the playback of the Blu-Ray discs on the PC while the given LAV Video and LAV Audio is quite powerful decoder which can provide integrated support to various kind of file formats. In short, all types of files are quite compatible with this FFMpeg (which consist of AAC, E-AC3, AC3, DTS, TrueHD, MP1/2/3, FLV, MOV, WebM, MP4, OGG,AVI, etc.)

So, once the installation process is over or during it, you can be prompted to choose the file formats which each of the components can be the source filter, and even each of the code can be easily configured by using the Properties section.

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