Blank And Secure 4.14 – Erasing Files in Secure Manner

Blank and Secure

The Blank And Secure 4.14 is one of the easy to use and portable software utility which can easily rewrite folders and files as zero before they get permanently erased from the hard disk drive. Blank And Secure 4.14 is nothing but a tiny sized and portable utility developed for erasing files in a secured manner on the system. This is to avoid and prevent any kind of unauthorized access by users and allowing them to gain sensitive data through high-tech and specialized tools.

With this tool, one does not need to install. All the user has to do is place the executable file anyplace on the hard disk and simply run it. You do have the option and possibility of placing the Blank And Secure 4.14 on USB flash drive or at any storage unit so that the workstation can run the tool.

Furthermore, the Window Registry area is not added with the latest entries and there are no leftovers present in the hard disk after the Blank And Secure is removed. This awesome utility is wrapped in simple and plain GUI which has got single window. This is where the WYSIWYG principle is applied in clear manner as there are no amount of options simply present besides the one which is often displayed in the primary panel.

The folders and files can be uploaded into the list of various items which can be used for deleting and you can use the drop-and drag support feature with this tool. Plus this tool has got the batch processing feature which makes it quite capable of throwing away the various items in a single instance however, you do need to put one entry in a single queue at a given time.

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