Spring cleaning to give you more PC power!

When newly installed, Windows runs smoothly without crashing or displaying annoying error messages. But all this soon changes, mostly within just a few weeks as more and more programs are added, slowing down and “cluttering up” the computer. Our Extreme Test shows the catastrophic consequences and how you can get your PC back in shape with some “spring cleaning”.

The Extreme Test: 1 Computer vs. 200 Programs

For our PC test, we took a new computer (Notebook with 1.86 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor, 2 Gbyte RAM, Windows 7®) and gradually installed 200 common programs (e.g. games, office applications, home cinema software, etc.).

After installing just 70 programs, the computer was already beginning to struggle: although it was a high-performance PC, it took a long time to start up, and processing speeds were dramatically reduced.

Once all 200 programs had been installed, the notebook was virtually unusable.

Here are the catastrophic results:

Startup time: new machine: 1.22 minutes / Test PC: 7.00 minutes

Program startup (e.g. Microsoft Outlook®): new machine: 0.18 minutes / Test PC: 0.28 minutes

Graphics performance for games (e.g. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.®): new machine: 100% / Test PC: 40%

If your computer is just as sluggish or “cluttered up”, then it’s high time for a “spring clean”. It takes just a few simple steps to rid your computer of superfluous programs and get your PC back to its original performance.

Step 1:

Find out which programs you use rarely or not at all. TuneUp Utilities® can help you do this. The software analyzes your personal program use and after a while produces a list of “Programs not used for a while” and “Rarely used programs”. You can find these under “Increase performance” > “All functions” > “Display and uninstall programs”. You can now decide for yourself whether you wish to remove the programs in order to increase your computer’s performance. Simply select them and then remove them by clicking “Uninstall”.

Step 2:

Once you have gotten rid of the worst of it, you can make sure your important programs aren’t getting a little tired too. For optimized system startup and accelerated system performance, click on “Increase performance” > “All functions” > “Configure system startup”. In the next window, deactivate startup for all programs you consider “Unnecessary”. TuneUp Utilities® also suggests “Optional” programs which are automatically started by Windows. Switching these off can also give you a major performance boost. But it is up to you whether you wish these programs to continue being started with Windows.


Our extreme test shows that too many programs can significantly slow your PC down. Even the latest high-performance machines quickly reach their limits. So why not give your computer a good “spring clean” to boost performance and speed up program starts! It’s easy with TuneUp Utilities® for up to 3 PCs. Or, to put it another way: Enjoy Your PC – fast, stable, customized! See for yourself and try it out for 30 days.

Download TuneUp Utilities® here !

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