Mail Order Processing With Innovative SAP Solutions

Post and Mail systems are really very relevant in a country’s internal and external communications at both public and private levels of operations. The relevance of the Mail Processing Systems is increasing everyday even though the mighty electronic mail applications and utilities are pervasive all over the world. Thus, this is indeed a sort of strange situation that compels us to reflect on the future of both the snail mail and web mail services.

A similar development is aggravating in Germany. The Mail operations are being examined, simplified, and improved. On 30th September, 2009, the Mail Order Congress began in Wiesbaden, Germany, which lasted till 1st October, 2009. The program organized by the German Mail Order Congress focused on the implementation of SAP solutions concerning advanced Mail Order Processing and Manipulation.

In this session, the audience was presented with auspicious SAP solutions for distance selling. The SAP software enables especially small and medium businesses to open in the booming mail order business and residential customers to new distribution channels. The solutions for the mail support provide a comprehensive control of all communication and sales channels to reach the customers. The application helps in increasing the revenues and transaction volumes along with increased yields. Apart from the companies like HSE24 and SSI Schäfer Group, which have their distribution channels that cater to more precise focus on customer requirements, the offer is also aimed at Internet merchants and manufacturers. These entrepreneurs generally want to market their products through direct sales.

In spite of global economic turbulence, more and more people buy at Tele-shops, either via Internet or by catalog. In Germany alone, sales will rise in the mail, according to a forecast of the Federal Association of German Mail Order, by 1.7 percent to 29.1 billion euros. The sector of online trade is assessed to grow by as much as 15 percent to 15.4 billion euros. But the boom in distance selling will offer new challenges to many companies. Without efficient and reliable business in the new and dynamic environment, cooperation with partners and suppliers cannot be accomplished sufficiently. The increasing number of customers and the associated transaction volumes often lead the IT applications of many small businesses, such as a specialist provider of niche assortments, quickly reach their limits. In particular, the different methods of ordering and distribution processes require strict and diversified program management. You would call for consistent product and order data for purchasing, marketing, accounting, and logistic operations.

Inventory data processing in real time across the distribution channels is becoming more and more multifarious. So, we need to cope with the rapidly increasing amount of customer data and keep it always up to date. This is a key challenge in the shipping business, which is intricately associated with extended Mail Order Processing. With an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which integrates Point Of Sale and call center applications, multi-channel strategies can be achieved simply and inexpensively. The real-time processes between a web shop and the inventory control system secure additional sales and improved customer service. This facilitation and simplification of the system are fairly accomplished because the critical price changes can be passed on immediately and in detailed catalogs are always updated. SAP further seeks to cater to Master Data Management for successful and intricate ERP.

The SAP solutions for the mail support dealers are supplied with fast entry and import tools that enable automated integration of master data and manage things comprehensively. It is planned that facilities for duplicate check and correction of multiple entries, as well as the detection of abbreviations or inconsistent spelling will come with it. The SAP solutions in regards of Mail Order Processing will also facilitate cross-selling and up secures sales. With special features for order entry and support in the SAP software, the employees in the call centers can access comprehensive customer dialogue to the master, order, and inventory data. Also, the employees, for example, can examine the user profiles stored in the web shop to point to appropriate special offers or new services and draw customer attention aplenty. It is envisaged that the integrated business processes would ensure orchestration between call center and web shop, and generate consistent profile data. By means of appropriate planning, scattering losses can be avoided with special offers. With the knowledge thus gained the enterprises can bring their customers closer to their marketing activities. They can also focus on their needs more precisely. More in the go, the enterprise resources are further planned to simplify campaign management, as the software would automatically analyze customer responses across the sales channels and trigger rules for individual follow-up.

If logistics costs are cut efficiently, the enterprises in the sphere of shipping and mail order handling will be immensely helped. With an integrated dispatch control, the SAP application is this field would open up mail-cost benefits and ensure a fast, accurate order and return processing. The system also integrates weight of the test items for shipments. Subsequently, a cost-stock position through paperless storage processes and intelligent inventory improvement allow high product availability. A combined effect of all these characteristics would unarguably culminate at high customer satisfaction. The IT based storage can support individual stock selection and storage architecture strategy to reduce the amount of capital. The SAP software aims to provide comprehensive planning tools. These tools would create the conditions for a zero error rate coupled with high service quality in the commissioning and delivery processes.

The SAP solutions for Mail Order Processing provide integration of proven applications such as SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) and SAP ERP. The technology platform, SAP NetWeaver supports the concept of service-oriented architecture (SOA). In this way, the foundation for mail order processes is created. Furthermore, the SAP system flexibly adapts to new business requirements. The SAP software supports the portfolio areas of planning, procurement, logistics and mail order sales. Despite the fact that the demand for shipping services is growing, we can now handle the increased flow of customer data. Even, this sector of the Mail Order Processing business can develop the ability of changing the very demands in the shipping business through flexible and implemental software solutions. Werner Rosner, the Head of Treading, SAP Germany, appears to be hopeful and confident. According to him, successful business solutions are now pretty possible in the realm of Mail Order Processing and Multi Channel Retailing with SAP synchronization.

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