The Browser Wars Are Heating Up

Mozilla are set to release the latest version of their web browser, the Mozilla Firefox 4.0. The browser has been significantly overhauled and it is available in 75 languages. There are also versions that are available for Windows Operating System including the favorite Windows XP that has been ignored by the latest version of the Internet Explorer web browser. Mozilla 4.0 is also available for Mac OS as well as Linux. This latest version of Mozilla promises to be faster while at the same time having a sleek look. It will also be possible to customize your browsing experience with this latest version.

The Google chrome web browser is responsible for this latest development. Mozilla, in fact, challenged Internet Explorer to improve their software. Google Chrome has served as the inspiration for the latest version of Mozilla Firefox in so many ways.

Improved speed is one of them, as well as a simplified interface are the two outstanding features of Mozilla 4.0.  This latest version has been developed in conjunction with thousands of volunteers across the globe, and it promises to be the future of web browsing.

The fact that the internet has now become the key tool that is used to connect people is the reason why the developers of Mozilla have focused on providing web users with a fast, modern and safe way to browse the internet. This new browser is entering a very competitive market because the Internet Explorer 9.0 is out and Google Chrome now claims 10% of the market share. Firefox has been lagging behind Google Chrome when it comes to Speed of operation and that is why the improved speed is welcome news. Firefox also has an updated JetPack extension system making installation and updating customizations child’s play, and an ingenious Panorama view of browser tabs.


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