Introducing Angry Birds Rio

The highly anticipated game called Angry Birds Rio is out and it will be introduced for the Android platform and you can get it exclusively from the Amazon Application Store. This game has been developed in collaboration with Twentieth Century fox featuring the animated stars of the soon to be release motion picture, RIO.

Fans of the Angry Birds game will be delighted to know that they can download ad free versions of this game and also Angry Birds seasons. Both of these will make their appearance in the Amazon Application Store.

In Angry Birds Rio, the birds are kidnapped and taken to Rio, from where they eventually escape from captivity and go on a quest to save their friends. The main stars in this game and also the upcoming movie, RIO, are Blu and Jewel, who are both rare macaws.  The game will launch with sixty committed levels.

More content will be available through application updates. Angry Birds Rio is a fun-filled and interactive way for the introduction of millions of gamers to the wonderful world of Rio. This game will be available for downloading on Android Smart Phones and tablets when you visit

The Android platform has seen phenomenal growth and it is great that we have new avenues that allow the latest applications to be sold to consumers. The Android Platform is also very open and this benefits both the consumers and developers alike.

The Angry Birds game developers have taken delight in teaming up with Amazon to deliver the Angry Birds franchise to this wonderful new app. Amazon is also delighted to collaborate with leading developers to offer customers the Angry Birds Rio for Android selectively in their Application Store. They are also hopeful that this great new game will instantly become a consumer favorite.


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