Flash Player 10.2 For Android Operating Systems

Adobe has just released a new Flash Player 10.2 for the Google Android mobile operating system that is used on Smart Phones. The company has promised high grade performance and experiences on the Android tablets that have the Flash component. This will enable users to have the same experience as if they were using a regular PC. This latest version of Flash Player is better suited to make full use of the latest multi-core, GPU enabled processors in delivering Flash videos, games and other interactive web content on the latest Smart Phones and tablets.

This is an exciting release that promises to bring a full web browsing experience for people using mobile devices like Smart Phones and Tablets, and this includes video games, Flash videos and other interactive web content. Adobe will also work closely with Google to ensure that tight integration and optimization between flash Player 10.2 and new Operating Systems and browser capabilities.

The improvements include performance enhancement to take advantage of new hardware as well as the existing hardware.  Flash content will also be treated as a part of a web page instead of a separate overlay. This will result in enhanced web page scrolling and the ability to display pages just the way they were intended by web designers. There will also be new support for combining HTML together with other web content over that delivered ny Flash Player.

There will also be an automatic soft keyboard support to make it simpler to enter text for improved mobile and multi-screen experiences. These optimizations will provide an improved playback of numerous 720p high definition videos including playing them in full screen. They are also expected to give a better embedded in-browser experience. All versions of Flash can now be downloaded including 10.2 for Android 2.2, 2.3 and 3.0.1 in the Android marketplace.

Download Adobe Flash Player for Android



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