Empty Your Recycle Bin With The Anti-Twin



It is always important to empty some unnecessary files on your computer. This should be done from time to time. One can decide to empty the recycle bin or better still do away with documents which consume a lot of space in the hard driver. However, it is always important to have a tool that helps in detecting unnecessary documents in the hard drive. Such documents might be difficult to identity. The same has also proved to be problematic to many people.

However, the Anti-Twin tool allows you to identify such documents. This tool detects and deletes such documents as well. Duplicate files can easily be detected and deleted by the anti-twin tool. This device basically offers you a great opportunity to handle your computer with ultimate care. Anti-twin program has a large list of configuration options which detects such useless files. All you need to do is identify which hard disc to scan or basically a specific location that you would wish to scan and do away with unimportant documents. The anti-twin tool can also compare files and scan some files while leaving out some. This ensures optimum performance of your machine. The program can simple run a byte-by-byte file comparison leaving out important files. Alternatively, an individual can personally choose on files to be scanned.

Each time the scan is complete, it is upon the user to choose on duplicates manually by deciding on what to keep and what to delete. There are quite a number of duplicates but the anti-twin program will be in a position to identify the important ones. This can be done by scrapping files depending on their size, date or even name.

The bottom line is that the anti-twin tool is one of the best tools that can be used to empty any computer. Emptying your computer once in a while is also an important part of ensuring great performance.

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