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Opera 12
Opera 12

Opera 12

Opera 12 is a product of the Norwegian browser developer opera software ASA. The company recently came up with the opera 12 32-bit and opera 12 64-bit. Opera 12 has won a big percentage of the market share in the European market. It has come up with quite a number of features .some of the main features include theme support and the ability to access the users web camera directly from the browser. These are amazing features which are of great benefit to users.

Opera 12 further allows complaint websites to access the user’s webcam directly. This is a great way of bringing out great photos and at times a photo booth and facekat game. This allows for maximum security since third party users will not be I a position to the webcam for browser activities, for instance uploading a profile picture.

The theme support that is offered by the new Opera 12 allows users to customize their browser window. This feature is available at the appearance menu and can be accessed without necessarily having to restart the browser. This can be done automatically and within a very short duration of time.

With Opera 12, the security settings become more clear and visible. The reason behind this is the fact that it utilizes the color-coded badges available in the address bar .this basically assists in reviewing a site’s security and privacy settings

With the new Opera 12, there is generally improved performance, which uses hardware acceleration among other things. Programs have become more stable than before. This has been improved by running all plug-ins as individual processes. This further allows the user to do away with misbehaving plug-ins by shutting them down without necessarily closing opera.

It is quite obvious that there are setbacks but it is also clear that the advantages are more than any other setback that might be experienced.

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