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It is always good to have malware programs which are well established and which can deal with the known threats effectively. They should for instance match their signature database. If you have had problems with your computer, then you probably need the Freefixer anti-malware tool. All you need to do is to allow this tool to scan your computer. Within a short time, the Freefixer will quickly identify all the files with malware. Basically, this tool identifies 39 areas with malware. Such places include Firefox extensions, winlogon modules, shell extensions and running processes among other key areas.

The list could be endless but Freefixer ensures that your computer is always safe and fee of malware. However, you might be needed to check other files manually in case of any malware. The most important part is that Freefixer is a great way to hunting down malware in your PC. While checking for some files manually, you will be needed to check the box on the left and click on fix. You should be very careful so that you avoid deleting important files and documents, though the Freefixer tool might accidentally delete such files. This is quite common to any malware fixer. However, this tool minimizes risks from your PC by removing all or at least most of the white listed files in the report. This further reduces the chances of you making mistakes while deleting files manually.

As much the Freefixer tool might not identify each and every problem, it has unique features that you will not find them anywhere. For instance, this program can easily list and do away with system policies which are at most times used by malware to make way to stick to your computer. Freefixer is definitely the magic to solving all you malware problems.

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