VirusTotal Announces The Release Of Quttera URL Scanner Tool

Quttera URL Scanner

VirusTotal has announced the release of its URL scanner tool known as Quttera. It is a unique tool that uses unique techniques and this gives it an upper hand when it comes to the detection of Java script exploits.

The URL scanner tool is no doubt a major milestone forehead for Virus tool. It has all it takes to suspect HTML code and also detect malicious PDF files. It can also exploit and detect corrupt files that are hiding in other content. These are some of the unmatchable features that make Quttera more than just an ordinary signature matching tool. Its accuracy is the most amazing advantage that users will enjoy. If there are threats that have not been detected, it will still raise an alarm to notify you. The good results produced by the tool are a good sign of the huge capabilities of the program. You can also use Quttera to monitor your own personal website because of its additional features.  Users also have the privilege to scan their own preferred URL through the window client of the program that is free of charge. All the features of the program are simply convenient and the same thing can be said about the user interface.

Quttera has already received its share of drawbacks for the small time of existence. The command line based interface is one of the disadvantages that have been reported. It will be difficult to benefit in the absence of security knowledge or web development. This is an obvious indication that you will not be able to get the kind of reports and alerts that you need.  That said, Quttera URL scanner remains a good tool that can give you all the details you need to know if you are about.

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