Dukto Has Been Released For Easy Sharing Of Files


Dukto is a new program that has been launched to help users share files across different networks. With its proper use, it will be easy to mange protocols, set ups and LAN set ups.  It gets simple for users who want to connect various platforms at the same time.

Dukto comes as the ultimate networking tool for sharing files because it provides an exciting and appealing approach. The tool is easy to use and very straightforward even for the novice user. Apart from Linux, it can also run on Symbian, iOS, OS X and windows. This large compatibility makes it one of the best tools today. It makes it easy when you want to transfer files on LAN within a short time.  Upon launching the program on the system, the user will see a user friendly interface with icons that are very easy to interpret.  If there are other users that have already launched the program, they will be easily discovered and sharing of files can commence as long as their names have been added to your friends list.

Data transfer is not a difficult task. You only have to click on the relevant icon and proceed to drag and drop the folders that you need to be on Dukto. The program can also be used to send texts to URLs. Dukto is a unique program that knows almost everything the user wants.  It can automatically save your incoming data that flows in from buddies. The data is usually stored in the desktop of the system but users can also change the location and save it in their own preferred place. The transfer of programs does not take long because the program is quick and very effective. There are also many IP addresses that the program will discover and the user can review them.

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