Shutter Program For Automatic PC Shutdowns



Shutter is a new tool that helps users to achieve automatic PC shutdowns at the right time when they want it to happen. It is a strong indication that one can leave a program running and the shutter tool will shut down the PC after the program is over.

Even though it is considered an easy task to shut down PCs, there are times when you may desire the shutting down to happen automatically. The Shutter program is all you need to set the system so that it shuts down after your work is finished and saved. It simply means that you do not have to wait for programs to finish so as to shut down the system. Shutter is more convenient because it does not need any installation or adware. It is also easy to explore the core functionalities of the program because the interface is easy to use and straight forward. Users only need to set the timer through the default feature and then select the action that is to be performed after the time has elapsed. It is up to the user to select if the computer needs to shut down, log off, hibernate or sleep. Once you have selected one of these, the Shutter program will carry out the action you have selected and immediately begin the countdown. It is also possible to command the program so that it can become active at a specific time. This is very essential if the usage of the PC is minimal or the battery is going down. The same case applies if a particular process stops or a file has surpassed a given size.

Shutter is a versatile program that can also serve other purposes apart from shutting down the PC. It can also be used to hibernate the system or simply turn off the monitor. Other functions include muting the master volume or turn on an alarm.

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