Keep Autorun Viruses At Bay With NTFS Drive Protection

NTFS Drive Protection

USB keys offer a convenient and a cheap way to carry your files around. But unfortunately they also carry autorun viruses. These write themselves into drives to infect more systems. Turning off autorun is one way to reduce the risk in case it is not done already. However, you could achieve extra security with NTFS Drive Protection which will prevent anyone from writing into your USB drive.

It is a compact, easy to use and a portable program of 642K. Launching NTFS Drive Protection, selecting USB drive of yours in the box for “Target Drive” and clicking “Start Protection” is all you need to do. In a matter of seconds the program will change the file and folder permission of yours and no one including you will be allowed to add new files into the drive or edit any files there.

If all these look too rigid check “Create an Unprotected Folder” box to enable the program to create a folder that is unprotected by default and this file will have standard file permissions. While the files that existed will be protected you could add files into the unprotected folder.

In case you want to remove file protection Click “Stop Protection” and remove it. There is an option menu that will enable you to use a number of options related to drives such as an applet for “Disk Management” “Safely Remove Hardware” dialog, format, drive properties and more.

A problem with the program is that it uses NTFS file system which is not the best for USB keys due to its being less compatible, writes more on the drive and increased wear it causes.

It also poses the problem of changing the permissions on non-removable drives as well. However, you may not do that by accident but you must not allow people who are not well versed on this program to handle your PC.

It is good to use NTFS Drive Protection as it is able to protect your USB keys. Therefore, it is a good idea to try this program.

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