Finding better means to surf the CHM files


Some may feel that the CHM files are old, but as per Compiled HTML ‘s Microsoft is nothing but a common aspect for most of the software documentation and even the occasional electronic books.  Basically, a Window has got the standard HTML assistance viewer that can assist in displaying many of the files.

However, the tool is quite fragile and this may not be good in case you have the necessity of showing the files in different sets of characters. Even if there are no issues, this is still a basic viewer. The Kchmviewer provides a great deal of appealing and the best open source requirements.

Now the core of the given program will be like the CHM viewer and you can view the content tree and do a lot of searching on the left, and view the panels to the right. In addition, there are quite a lot of features and somewhat this is quite best in taking care of non-English data and files and even handle EPUB documents.

Also the tabbed interface present is one of the main highlights. All you have to do is click the ‘+’ sign and a new tab would open where you could check out other parts of the data or file (separately) and be able to switch from various significant pages. In case if you constantly have to access certain pages, then the available bookmarking system gives the chance to recall and save data later.

Furthermore, there are quite bonus features and you can show the HTML aspects of the available pages which cannot interest most of us. Basically, there are various options where one can extract all the contents of the files of CHM and it even includes images. In addition, the tool can assist in opening the EPUB files and it can help in displaying the various aspects.

Download Kchmviewer

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