Do you want to be notified of updates on your favorite websites?

Update Scanner

Updates of your favorite website can be known by monitoring the RSS or ATOM feeds or even social media sites like facebook or twitter. But if any of these are not available, then it becomes a tedious work on revisiting the site again and again.

Update Scanner is an addon available on Firefox which could save time by detecting the changes and it could notify the changes to the web pages that is chosen by you.

By installing addon extension, you could get a new icon to your address bar. On the webpage, you can monitor by right clicking on the icon and selecting “Scan page for updates”. Update Scanner will regularly update the changes and display an alert to inform you of the changes.

By clicking the notification link, you could get the webpage displayed. The changes are highlighted and you can make it easier to identify and you can move from old and new page.

If you want to get more control, you can left click on the Update Scanner icon and a sidebar appears which will list all the pages you wish to monitor. If you do not wish to wait for an automatic check, then you can click on Scan button and get the updates immediately.

Each page has a Properties dialog where you can check the number of times you have checked and the level of change you wish. If you wish to have a page to open all updates in a new tab, you can even set it. Once a change is detected, an alert sound gets displayed and the page that is modified gets opened in a new tab. You can just click it to view.

It is also to be noted that Update Scanner does have some problems in the tests, such as unable to display fully changed page.


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