Opting for Ultra Configuring Media Player

Light Alloy

When you glance at the Light Alloy, it looks quite like other free and online media players. Simply drop and drag the source files, play and pause the individual tracks, open the discs, control the playlists, etc and do all kinds of core activities.

The given program has the capacity to handle all these aspects and that too with a great amount of support for all kinds of format which is quite needed. However, that is the start of it. The basic highlight and advantage of the Light Alloy is the basic interface. All you have to do is simply move the move cursor through the video’s timeline and for that instance there is the You-Tube type of previewing tool which can assist in showing out the individual frames.

By left clicking the given toolbar option which carries the given option as expected. And by right clicking the given option, it would give a fast access to various better and advanced options. In addition, by right clicking the play display, you can show the recently played songs and videos and if it is quite enabled, one would can easily fast forward by right clicking the Fast Forward option, thereby allowing one to place a playback speed.

Basically, the given idea or option can be easily used elsewhere and it is quite discoverable. Just hover over the cursor of the mouse on the Pin icon that is present in the top most corner of the screen and you can see the tool tip displaying the right click and left click actions easily.

And the best part is that all the given actions are quite customizable. Simply by right clicking on the ‘Always on top’ option, you can ensure that the Light Alloy window would be just on top of other as and when you ask during full screen or all playback, etc.

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