SVGO – Versatile Image Formatting Tool


The SVG is one of the best and frequently used versatile image formats. It provides various possibilities, however, the XML-related files are not what one would expect. In a sense, it is not that much effective and it contains a lot of data which are redundant and duplicate. An SVGO is a simple to use open source tool suitable and compatible for Mac and Windows. It can optimize the SVGs and help in reducing the size of files by 80%, along with stripping the excess amount of tags.

All this is done without affecting the image. When compared to other products, this tool has got a less number of interfaces which you may find hard to imagine. It gets opened with the help of a window and then gets dragged and dropped to the required or concerned target or targeted SVG files. Now when that is done, then the tool would compress them and show how much amount of space has been saved.

That is the best thing. You have no buttons, no menus, no configuration options, no dialog boxes, and nothing else. Basically, the biggest problem with such kind of design is you cannot select the required or available destination folder. The SVGO simply overwrite the given source files and you cannot do anything about that. Here it means that once the SVGO overwrites a given source data or file, then you can confirm that there is nothing which can be done about it.

It can never be retrieved or the given step cannot be undone. So, it is important that the user keeps copies of the work done. Now keeping that in mind, there has been a lot of programs which are tested and it was found out that it worked quite well. During the testing, all the test images besides one were processed in the proper manner and in the correct way. The failed one remained untouched however, it was not corrupted and was still in the original format. In addition, the compression rates were about 50% and would go to the extreme high of about 87%.

There were various alternatives too and as it was pointed earlier, the SVGO would do the same aspect and it tried to achieve a better and more valid compression rates. Plus compared to other products, it never overwrites the test files too. Currently, the latest version of SVGO is 0.0.9 and is making the biggest use of the SVG as it is one of the best things to watch out for.

Download SVGO

Download SVGO for Mac OS X

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