GPU Monitor 9.4 – Monitoring Your Video Cards

GPU Monitor

The GPU Monitor is one of the handy and easy to use Windows gadgets which help in monitoring the video cards. In addition it provides a wide range of statistics right to the desktop. Even though this is a simple gadget, the GPU Monitor is quite impressive, thanks to the major amount of vast information which it offers. Right from the details of the fan to the GPU load and to the temperature to the memory is displayed by the GPU Monitor. The tool consists of various graphs which can help in achieving the basic task of delivering the details of the video cards, presenting the details of the temperature, GPU load, fan, and the total amount of virtual memory which is present in the CPU.

Basically, this tiny utility has got multiple graphs which simply help in achieving the basic task of delivering the details of the video card, fan, presenting temperature, GPU load, free, and used and the total memory present inside of what is considered as a clumsy interface. Of course, it is true that the GPU Monitor can come in handy to the experienced users, however, the options and menus present are very much impressive and this is taking into consideration that it cannot be applicable and is a simple Windows gadget.

Another interesting feature of this tool is it allows one to pick the graphical adapter of your choice, especially in terms of the window size (which is of course quite handy), temperature unit, refresh rate, alarm sound, etc. In addition, one can even configure the ranges of the temperature graph and the basic settings of the appearance, logging, and interface colors.

Most of the PC experts feel that it would take some amount of time in figuring out how this gadget can work. But one must remember the first thing which is changing the size of the window and this makes providing the information quite easier. As this is an interactive gadget, it would mean that it runs on the Windows 7 or Vista OS. And on the other hand, the amount of resources which is required will be quite low.

To conclude, this is one of the best and the most useful gadgets to be present and it provides a great lot of information.

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