Google Operating System 1.7 – Easy Reading of News And Informative Tips From Google

Google Operating System

While reading the name of this application, one may get carried away with the assumption that this tool is related to the Google operating system. However, it is not true. This Google Operating System 1.7 is nothing but a great widget applicable for the Chrome browser. This helps in reading the news and various tips related to Google. Some may feel that the tool is related to the Google OS and is from the stables of the search engine giant. However, it is not, as it is a widget for the Chrome browser.

This tool easily retrieves the various information and data from the unofficial blogs. This means it is not in any way related to and with the Google or is copyrighted by the Google. But the news published or harnessed by the given widget simply gives a brief feedback about the various activities of the company. Basically, having designed this tool as a widget for Chrome, it is compulsory that Chrome OS has to be there in the PC. Also if Chrome disable activities and widgets are destroyed then the prior edition of the browser will be required. Here it means 11 or lesser than that.

Plus in order for installing the widget, one must perform the drop and procedure into the Chrome’s sufficient interface. There would be popup dialogue box which would be asking whether the user would want to deploy it and if the user is quite acquainted with the application and its interface. With regard to the appearance, one must not keep his or her hopes high as the interface is quite simple. This somewhat makes it easy and have an understanding on how to use and make it accessible to all the given users in the categories.

This particular tool is often used for displaying the recent Google news along with their suggestive titles. Not only it is quite easy to use, but one can get the latest feed with a single click of the button. Also the Google Operating System 1.7 has got a minimalistic search window which allows individuals to get information related to Google without gaining access to the web browser. Not only the tool is easy to install but even the entire usage is quite customer-friendly and interactive.

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