Instant Messenger Cleaner – Best Security Solution For Your PC and Laptop

Instant Messenger Cleaner

Even though most of the viruses come in contact through the web browsing, there are still chances of the system getting infected through the usage of file sharing applications. Even to an extent, instant messengers have become one of dangerous aspects in terms of this point. That is why it is very much important to be safe while chatting online. The tool is simply not any kind of antivirus per se. However, it is one of the best security solutions which is simply designed for keeping the instant messengers clean. It even helps users to stay away from all kinds of infections which can be distributed through the normal network of online chatting.

One of the biggest advantages of Instant Messenger Cleaner is that it is not a simple antivirus per se. However the available and current security solution which is designed keeps the instant messengers clean. It even helps the users to be away from all kinds of infections which are distributed through the normal chatting and communication network.

As per the developers, this software tool solution has been specifically designed for removing all kinds of viruses and worms from Windows Live Messenger and MSN. Even it has proved to be quite efficient on the AOL Instant Messenger and Yahoo Messenger too. It is important that the installer should not get into any kind of trouble and the only aspect here which matters is pressing the Next button.

Besides the interface is quite minimal and this is kind of a good thing as most of the features are easily organized for in the major window. So besides the usual scanning procedure, which people often take while testing, the Instant Messenger Cleaner has got various tools like clock synchronization, startup manager, memory optimizer, registry, data eraser, process viewer, etc. In addition, there are basic settings menu which provides a great amount of access to few of the options, and there is nothing huge fancy which could lead to a huge headache.

Furthermore, the scanning procedure is very much smooth and this means that the application would not eat up the CPU while the procedure for searching virus is going on. However, the only problem is that the tool looks at all the given drives and places of the system.

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