Bill Gates With The New Concept – Control The Weather Manually

Bill_GatesFounder of Microsoft Bill Gates is not short of innovative ideas; he is the one who keeps on thinking new things. The latest idea is controlling of weather. That sounds crazy but a patent application was recently released to public in which Bill Gates and other co-inventors have shown a scheme to stop hurricanes in the ocean itself before they reach land to cause large scale destruction.

The concept is to pump cold waters present in depth of the ocean so that hurricane can be blocked. As hurricanes get the strength from the warm temperature of water, decreasing the temperature of the water will theoretically reduce the impact or totally take apart a hurricane.

An organization built by former Microsoft executives called Intellectual Ventures Lab with the intention to invent new technologies for the benefit of mankind were quick to respond and said the situation is not a Plan A or Plan B but is rather a Plan C scenario. Pablos Holman wrote in a blog that Big Hurricane Suck should be used in a situation when humans have decided to use mitigation technologies with all alternative energy and behavior changing options are no longer available.

The things with Windows are moving with the same concept. The moment Microsoft was exhausted with resources to patch and promote Vista; it was forced to push Windows 7 to offset the hardships faced with Vista much earlier in market before the expected time. That was as if stopping the storm before it got intensified to destroy PCs all because of faulty software.

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