MyEclipse 7.5: Simple Enterprise Applications with VisualVM Java Profiler & Visual SQL

MyEclipse announces availability of the MyEclipse 7.5 production release. Built upon Eclipse 3.4.2/Ganymede,  MyEclipse 7.5 delivers extensive speed upgrades, and includes UML2 updates, a unique Visual SQL Query Builder, and a first-class VisualVM Java Profiler.

Download MyEclipse 7.5 here!

With all of these features, MyEclipse 7.5 is by far the most comprehensive integrated development environment in the market today. Multiple enhancements were made across the platform to satisfy customer’s needs and requests.

Other key features included in the 7.5 release are: ICEfaces 1.8 tooling enhancements, Visual Web Designer, XUL runner upgrades and much more!

For Pulse users, MyEclipse 7.5 is readily available. The release can be found in the Ganymede “Popular Profiles” area.

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