SPAMfighter – Keeps your email spam away from your inbox

SPAMfighter, leading spam filter of Europe can be used for Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Windows Mail and other servers to provide protection across the globe for business and home users. Are you in need of a spam filter for your home or office PC? If yes then you are at the right place. Over 6 million users and still adding every minute around the world in their fight against spam with the help of SPAMfighter, the community is ever expanding. On getting reported by SPAMfighter user, the spam mail not detected by SPAMfighter is removed from the rest of the SPAMfighter community with a single click.

In version 6 of SPAMfighter the biggest advantage is the automated spam detection engine updates. The SPAMfighters technical staff is working round the clock to get the ways to prevent spam mails in the form of image, MP3 and PDF. The latest spam detection technology is updated automatically without reinstalling the new version. No extra work from the user is required. The update carries a digital signature from SPAMfighter and hence there is no risk to the user.

SPAMfighter has two criteria based on which it filters e-mails:

One – The filtering of e-mails take place based on the cases reported by the users of SPAMfighter.

Two – SPAMfighter technical staff use the database of SPAMfighter to check for latest trends in e-mail spam and hence get the solution to filter them. Users keep on receiving automatic updates; no need to go through automatic spam detection engine update manually.

The continuous improvement in SPAMfighter has made it possible to stop latest forms of spam emails whether image or MP3. Your search for simple, reliable and efficient spam filter tool will end at SPAMfighter.

The ant-spam filters relay on filters but spammers work overtime to keep their e-mails away from filters. That’s why what seems to work today for spam e-mail filter tool will not work on other day. SPAMfighter actually works on the power of large community of people that it has; these people keeps on reporting the spam e-mails as soon as encountered and SPAMfighter technical staff makes it possible to correct their filter system to prevent that spam mail from bypassing SPAMfighter within no time.

SPAMfighter in addition to English is available in French, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, German, Dutch, Greek, Italian, Danish and Norwegian.

The features SPAMfighter has are – automatic protection of real mail, privacy guaranteed and spam abuse reporting with single click.

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