The Most Important Add-ons of Firefox 3.5 (Part 1)

firefox35addonsWith Firefox 3.5 what the users got in their all time favorite web browsers was increase in stability that included tear away tabs, private browsing and awareness in location. The browser obtained with this latest version is faster along with increased security and much more user –friendliness. In addition to this Firefox has large number of add-ons that makes it a choice browser; these add-ons takes internet browsing experience to new heights. Users are able to experience the difference in web browsing that other web browsers are unable to provide.

The library of add-ons from Mozilla is massive out of which 16 believed to be necessary to elated Firefox experience are listed here. These add-ons will get the features in already awesome Firefox for much better web browsing experience. Don’t lay back, try them yourself to feel the difference!

All-in One Sidebar


When you open different windows in Firefox, it makes the things a bit confusing and cluttered; that may slow down performance of the browser. All-in-One Sidebar helps in access to Downloads, Bookmarks and History with a single left click.



When you needs to drag-and-drop mouse to load URLs or to place a selected text on the web search or to save an image quickly; the only thing that is to be done is select text and just drag it anywhere in the browser window. It involves simple operation of selecting a text and dragging it anywhere in the middle of the browser page or on search bar. If it’s an image then it can be selected and saved directly to the desktop.

IE Tab


One has to accept the truth that Internet Explorer is still a big contender in the world of browsers. The web designers though have shifted to other browsers and are doing their coding and site structuring accordingly but they have to be sure that their codes are visible properly in the latest versions of IE. The IE Tab has been provided with that intention only. Open a link with right click and select open this link in IE tab.

Recovery with Lazarus


At times due to overloading of browsers and computers, the system gets instantaneously shut down while you may be working and filling text online (for example while blogging) Lazarus is to take you out of such a situation, it revive the lost text. This add one many feel should have been bundled with Firefox for the word go.

Video DownloadHelper 4.6


The favorite weekly subscription videos can be downloaded to the desktop so that it can be watched at later times; this is possible with the help of Video DownloadHelped 4.6 version. It downloads video content from the web and stores it in a flash file with extension FLV (.FLV), for which you will require an additional program such as FLV player to view the saved video, but not to worry the program FLV player is free.

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